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Multi Purpose Distribution Indoor Fiber Cable


Cable Type : Singlemode or Multimode 

Fiber Type : G652d, G655, G657 

Fiber Counts : 1--96 

Color : Yellow, Orange or Customized 

Outer Sheath Diameter: 1.6mm~3.0mm 

Tight buffer Diameter: 0.6mm~0.9mm 

Weight: 2.8kgs~7kgs Minimum allowable 

Tensile Strength: 150N (short term), 80N (long term) 

Minimum allowable Crush Load: 500N/100mm (short term), 100N/mm (long term) 

Minimum Bending Radius: 20D (short term), 10D (long term) 

Storage Temperature: -40º C+60º C 

Application: Adopted to Indoor distribution As pigtail of Communication equipment Suitable for communication equipment served Suitable for floor connection.