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High quality aluminium casing 10ft 30ft computer VGA to VGA cable

The information processed by the graphics card is ultimately output to the display. The output interface of the graphics card is a bridge between the computer and the display. It is responsible for outputting corresponding image signals to the display. Because of the design and manufacturing reasons, CRT monitors can only accept analog signal input, which requires the graphics card to output analog signals. The VGA interface is the interface for outputting analog signals on the graphics card, and the VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface, also called the D-Sub interface. Although liquid crystal displays can directly receive digital signals, many low-end products use VGA interfaces in order to match the VGA interface cards. The VGA interface is a D-type interface with a total of 15 pins empty, divided into three rows, five in each row.

  • ZT-VGA
  • OEM
  • 85444 21900

High quality aluminium casing 10ft 30ft computer VGA to VGA cable 



CCP, Pure copper or individually shield coaxial wire


Outer Jacket with protective nylon sleeve. (color optional)


24K Gold or Nickel Plated


Metal shell or PVC molding type (optional)

Available lengths

1.5m,2m,3m,5m,10m,20m,30m etc

Available terminations

VGA male/female

Available gauge





VGA to VGA Cable
1, Connectors: HD15 Male to HD 15 Male, nickel plated shell
2, Gold-plated contacts keep full conductivity without data loss
3, VGA Cable: 28AWG*3P+28WG*6C+AEB, O.D8.0. Jacket in Gray or on request
4, Length: 2m or on request
5, Material: RoHS compliant
6, Compatibility: PC, computer to projector, plasma TV, LCD or CRT monitor, or flat-panel receiver

7, VGA to VGA Cables are designed to connect video card to monitor.


  • Bubble blister packing - higher price but more attractive

  • Premium slide blister packing - reasonable price

  • Gift box packing - eco-friendly

  • Polybag packing - low-cost, with card header and barcode number


VGA cableApplication

1.Digital TV-CBLE, satellite, and terrestrial broadcasts
2.Digital movies-DVDs
3.Digital displays-Plasma, LCD, DLP, LCOS
4.Digital interactivity-PVRs, MHP, OCAP
5.D-VHS players
6.Audio/Video receivers

VGA cableDescription

1.High quality 15p male to male VGA to VGA Cable for your monitor.
2.This VGA to VGA Cable connects PC or laptop to the projector, LCD monitor, and other video display system through VGA connections.
3.Fully shielded VGA monitor extension or replacement cable.
4.Each Cable have two high density VGA connector with thumbscrews.
5.Constructed from premium grade shilded video monitor cable which used a combination of coax and twisted pair

6.Ideal for video presentation devices,video splitters and KVM switches