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0.5mm PMMA Indoor Plastic Optical Fiber Cable


Fiber Core Material : Polymethy Methacrylate 

Diameter : 0.5-3.0mm 

Color : Black 

Material: PMMA 

Fiber Cladding Material: Fluorinated Polymer 

Jacketing Material: PE 

Attenuation: ≤ 350 dB/KM Operation 

Temperature: -50º C+70º C 

Numerical Aperture: 0.5

Core Refractive Index: 1.492 

Application: Applied in high-fast data transmission FTTH Intelligent network of home and office Industry Control and Monitor System Military Communication, etc.

Model Optical fiber diameter Coil length
ZT-500 0.5MM 6000M
ZT-750 0.75MM 2700M
ZT-1000 1.0MM 1500M
ZT-1500 1.5MM 700M
ZT-2000 2.0MM 350M
ZT-2500 2.5MM 250M
ZT-3000 3.0MM 150M